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4 For 3 Labor Day Special

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Attention Ottawa!

180 FITNESS is now accepting applications for Our Popular Fit 4 Fall Challenge!

This FLASH labor day sale comes with exclusive access to BOTH the Fit 4 Fall Challenge & our OUTDOOR Adventure BootCamp

You may have seen 180Fitness on CTV Ottawa, Rogers TV, and/or CBC Morning. Residents absolutely love training in our gym & have for the past 14years.

Why? Because we've already helped over 10,000+ men & women get their energy back & start taking charge!

With the Holiday season right around the corner, it is more important than ever that we help our community reach their Health and Wellness goals! 

That is why we are leading a movement to empower residents of Ottawa by helping them become healthier, fitter, and more confident without starvation based diets or spending ruthless hours in the gym.

Do you want in? Spots are EXTREMELY LIMITED for this seasonal shred event. 

Click the button below to see if you qualify...


This Is For You If...

  • ​You're a striving woman that wants to lose fat, tone up or increase strength & WOW Family for the upcoming Holiday Season

  • You've previously TRIED diets and weight loss programs but failed to lose and/or keep off the weight and with the Holiday's so close you want to do something FAST to get back on track...

  • ​You DON'T HAVE TIME to spend your life in the gym or kitchen but still want to learn how to transform your body...

  • You want to feel excited, energetic, and CONFIDENT in your own skin again, and you want your family & friends to notice...

  • ​You have ever struggled with STAYING motivated and remaining consistent in your workouts or eating habits...

  • You want a tailored, efficient, and FUN program designed to TRANSFORM your dream body as effectively as possible!

This Is NOT For You If...

  • ​You're someone who makes excuses. We are here to TRANSFORM Bodies & Minds. There is absolutely NO room for excuses. 

  • You're not looking to lose weight or tone up. We specialize in working with women that want to melt fat and define their bodies. 

  • ​You're not serious about getting in shape. We only work with women that are willing to invest in themselves & their health. We are EXTREMELY BUSY and our services are reserved for only women that are ACTUALLY SERIOUS about their goals. 

  • ​You're someone that doesn't respond to messages. Yep, that's right. We check up on our clients. ALL. THE. TIME. We are known by our clients (the most stubborn ones at least) to annoy them until they get back on track with their fitness goals. 

More 180ºFitness Program Benefits:

  • ​How to quickly lose unwanted body fat while building strength so you can FEEL GREAT about what you see in the mirror, and wow family and friends when seeing them this Holiday Season

  • How to avoid the chaos of losing and gaining weight over and over again, so you can enjoy those amazing Holiday Dishes AND keep your body Fit & Toned. 

  • How to dramatically tone up your body and increase confidence WITHOUT having to give up on your favourite holiday dishes or taking any 'special supplements'.

  • Why almost everything you've ever learned or been told about dieting, training and weight loss is COMPLETELY WRONG.

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